The Sparkle Egg Activities and Handouts

For children and adults

Forgiveness is a tremendous gift that has the power to set us free from debilitating shame and bitterness. But for many of us, forgiveness isn't an easy gift to accept, or give. The Sparkle Egg is a symbol of how pure and complete God's forgiveness through Christ is for us, no matter what we've done, or how we may stumble in the future. It's also a symbol of how we should forgive others - wholly and completely as God forgives us.

On this page, you'll find activities and handouts that are designed to enrich The Sparkle Egg experience and help us accept, and give, forgiveness.

How to Make a Sparkle Egg

Like Sam, you can make your own Sparkle Egg to remind you that God doesn't want you to live in unhealthy guilt or shame. He wants you to live in the freedom of His grace. This is a wonderful activity for children and adults of all ages.

Questions and Discussion Points about Forgiveness for Children and Adults

Discuss how forgiveness and unforgiveness affect our lives and relationships... including our relationship with God. Questions and discussion points are appropriate for families, Sunday school classes, small groups, Bible studies and personal reflection.

Prayer Cards for Peace

Jesus taught us that we are to forgive others as God has forgiven us. That can be hard to do! Prayer Cards for Peace provides a tangible activity to help children learn to forgive. Appropriate for children of all ages.

Paralyzed by Past Sin

Holding on to past sin can paralyze us. This activity illustrates how accepting forgiveness for our sins is crucial to leading the abundant life God has planned for us, and challenges participants to be healed. This activity is geared toward adults.


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