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A Modern Day Fairy Tale

"The Sparkle Egg, like The Sparkle Box before it, takes those important themes and puts them into a real life scenario that makes sense to kids. What child hasn't done something they knew they should not have and feel guilty over it... or worried about what their parents might say if they found out? Pretty well each of us, right? And yet, despite our wrongdoings, our parents love us unconditionally and find it in their hearts to forgive us. The Sparkle Egg shows that just as our parents' love and forgive us, so does God. If you're looking for a great book to explain Easter and forgiveness to your children, The Sparkle Egg is certainly a must have. It is beautifully written and illustrated, and sure to be a classic that families can read again and again each Easter, regardless of age." – Visit Site

Growing for Christ

"This book as a message for both the children and the adults who read it and I even want to make my own Sparkle Egg... as a reminder that God has and will forgive me as I repent of my sins."
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Cristi's Reviews

"... This book definitely opens the story to teach children not only about forgiveness and redemption, but about the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a way that they can understand. I think even as an adult, it is a good book to remind us that we all mess up, we all have faults, but because of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, it isn't our burden to bare. We should still try to be the best people we can be, but when we mess up, we confess our sins and accept God's redemption. We have read this book several times since we received it and the first few times I could barely get through the entire thing without tearing up. I think a sparkle egg is a great tradition to start and a great representation of the resurrection of Jesus... This is absolutely a book you want to add to your child's home library!" – Visit Site

This Day Has Great Potential

"There are special things we do each year that I pray my children will remember forever and share with their own children one day... This year, we are adding specially decorated Sparkle Eggs to our holiday celebration — a perfect reminder of God's Grace and Mercy. An idea born out of the new children's book, The Sparkle Egg, this delightful read is the perfect complement to our family traditions... I know you will lovingly pass down this legacy for generations to come as you prepare to #ShareAMoment with your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren." – Visit Site


"... The Sparkle Egg is a genius idea for Christian parents that want to communicate to their children the extent of Christ's forgiveness. I was raised in a non-Christian home, so ideas like this are just so eye opening to me! The Sparkle Egg is pretty special and reading it in the context of the story is moving. It's a beautiful story and lesson about being fully free through Christ's redemption." – Visit Site

The Simply Me Blog

"My kids LOVE it! This year we are going to start a Sparkle Egg tradition in my home. The message delivered was heartfelt and I was proud to give my kiddos this book. The story is well written and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful! Each year I think the true meaning of the holidays gets lost behind gifts. The Sparkle Egg I really do think helped (my six year old) get a better concept on why we really celebrate Easter." – Visit Site

"I believe any child as well as adult can take much from this story. How often do we slip up and even though perhaps someone apologized still hold onto guilt and shame. Oh, how we must accept Christ’s gift and be forgiven so we can can shine for Jesus! ... I most certainly recommend this book for home & Sunday school class use! Perhaps it will spark a new Easter tradition in your family too!" – Visit Site

Reviews on Amazon

"What a beautiful book - with a simple and powerful message! The Sparkle Egg illustrates the gift of God's grace in a way that children of all ages can easily understand and remember. I am looking forward to using The Sparkle Egg story and making the sparkle eggs in our Sunday school class to teach our children about the complete forgiveness of God through His Son Jesus."

"I loved The Sparkle Box, so I was very excited to read The Sparkle Egg and I was not disappointed. I love the beautiful way that Jill Hardie weaves the story of Sam' guilt, then acceptance of God's grace, which is a gift. She did this in such a simple way that children of all ages can understand. I look forward to more books from this wonderful author."

"I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE. It is such an amazing story, well written, and the illustrations are amazing. This book is truly for any age and really gives perspective on the TRUE meaning of Easter and puts it in a way that anyone can understand."

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